Mauritius celebrated with books second edition 
Porsche confident of delivering in China in spite of pandemic disruption
Winter tourism fair heats up in Xinjiang
The publication quoted an unnamed industry observer that the omission indicates there is a shift away from the overzealous construction of high-speed railways to a more sustainable growth. 2020-10-8
I also trust that the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation to be hosted by China in May 2017 will help to further consolidate the support within the context and aspirations of Agenda 2063 and 2030 agenda for sustainable development, she said. 2020-10-1
MMEA have sent a ship, three boats and a helicopter to the location involving 35 officers and personnel and we are also assisted by other enforcement authorities including the Fire and Rescue Department, marine police and Civil Defense Department, he said. 2020-10-24
Vasaloppet, or Vasa Race, a famous Swedish cross-country skiing race, is named after Gustav Vasa, a 16th-century Swedish nobleman who called on Swedes to oppose Danish rule. 2020-10-17
Crimea voted overwhelmingly on Sunday to secede from Ukraine and seek to join Russia. 2020-10-20
The ongoing supply-side structural reform and supportive policies for innovative entrepreneurship in China have produced positive effect on economic growth. 2020-10-25
This was a great opportunity to assist our reproductive and panda biologist colleagues to assess their artificial insemination methods in pandas, he said. 2020-10-3
Launched by China, shared by the worldDuring his visit to Kazakhstan in September 2013, Xi proposed building the Silk Road Economic Belt to boost regional cooperation. 2020-10-22
Su Hao, a professor of security affairs at China Foreign Affairs University, raised the possibility that competition could be a reason for the US allegations, especially as Chinese information technology has made strides recently. 2020-10-6
He said customs departments will further broaden their pool of clues and assess travelers from key areas and their luggage. 2020-10-5
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