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Chinas new yuan loans shrink in February更多>>
We have also confiscated great amounts of military equipment, trucks, weapons and ammunition, he told reporters. 2020-10-12
At 0 billion, Sino-German trade exceeds Chinas trade with the United Kingdom, France and Italy combined. 2020-10-9
Li picks up a bottle of drinking water and says, As clean as this. 2020-10-11
Fishing with trawls is the primary fishing method in Pingtan and fishing boats mainly catch fish in the Niushan Fisheries and the MinZhong Fisheries. 2020-10-20
7) in revenue, only 2 yuan goes to music producers in the form of royalties, according to industry insiders. 2020-10-11
The three species likely looked like small squirrels, with slim bodies and elongated fingers and toes, indicating they were dedicated tree dwellers. 2020-10-19
Were straightforward, humorous and attentive, he says. 2020-10-2
The two indexes are the ICBC Belt and Road Economic Health Index and the ICBC Belt and Road China Connectivity Index, to be updated monthly and semi-annually. 2020-10-12
China approves Ebola vaccine更多>>
Retired Chinese basketball player Yao Ming appeals to the public to stop buying ivory and rhino horn products at the debut of a video advocating the protection of elephants in Shanghai on Friday. 2020-10-13
Other residents complained of similar problems. 2020-10-22
It is evident that all media, including those from the West, also play the role of supervisor, pushing China and Africa to confront and solve problems. 2017-4-20
Specializing in particular areas, scholars can give objective explanations of the causes and effects of an event while conducting profound analysis, instead of simply judging between right and wrong. 2019-11-11
Beijing police hold emergency drills The silent world of bomb disposal officers Starting at 9:00 am on Monday, a total of 150 armored patrol vehicles were sent to the main streets of Beijing, with each vehicle equipped with nine policeman and four auxiliary police officers. 2016-4-17
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang ordered police forces nationwide to beef up security, particulary at public places of big crowds. 2016-7-12
On Aug10, Ma broke another two records in the mens 100 meter butterfly final and the mens 200 meter backstroke final. 2019-5-21
We think my parents will be able to reach out to anywhere in the world to see my family members in different places, he said, adding that most of his family members have settled down in Taiwan, Germany and the United States. 2019-4-29
Fujian Electronics and Information (Group) Co owns 51 percent of Sinoregal, while the Taiwan team owns 49 percent.
Li Dong, director of the managing committee of the National Film Development Fund, an organization affiliated to the film bureau, revealed to China Daily that the bureau had expected domestic films to take 45 percent of the market share in 2012.
It added that all departments concerned are on high alert, and will continue to monitor aftershocks and evaluate damage.
[Photo by Zhan Yan/xinhuanet]Bai, has documented the lives of ordinary folks in the old city over past few years, such as old men doing their grocery shopping on the streets, a hairdresser in the local barbershop, and rickshaw drivers along the street dressed in classical clothing, with the focus always on the smiling faces.
I went downstairs immediately to see what happened and the situation at Gate B was pretty chaotic.
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Instead, for now, she travels to work using a car pool website as the capital lifted a ban on carpooling earlier this year.  Discipline staff have received more than 300 complaints via the app, said an official with the Qinhuangdao Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission of the Communist Party of China (CPC).
The five-day annual contest includes soccer matches and contests for robots programmed for rescues and services in the home.  The economic losses caused by the typhoon in the province was estimated to be about 2.
Tipping the balance in favor of traditional craftsmanship更多>>
A year ago, the gadget in Pengs hand was an iPhone 5. 2017-3-9 
We have to keep safety as a top concern and guard against epidemics, Wen said, urging rescuers to treat garbage and medical waste appropriately. 2018-7-7 
Because Fu is afflicted with high paraplegia, it is unlikely the 30-year-old could walk again. 2016-10-5 
Photo taken on Jan 22, 2013 shows the rimed trees at a park in Tianjin, North China, Jan 22, 2013. 2017-10-2 
NZs McCullum fells Sri Lanka in four balls A final-over blitz by New Zealands Nathan McCullum elevated a rain-hit one-day international cricket match against Sri Lanka into a thrilling last-ball victory in Hambantota in November. 2018-9-27 
Whats special about the Shenyang camp is it was established to lock up the highest-ranking officials of the Allied forces taken prisoner during the war, according to Fan. 2015-4-28 
Food and other products are not so expensive here, Anisimova said. 2017-8-31 
  Xi gifts HK a road map for prosperity更多>>
The Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law took effect in 2000, but it has not been revised since then. 2017-9-6 
Numerous converging interests are pulling the two Asian giants closer. 2019-9-5 
Most have bruises or wrenches. 2019-9-15 
Stranded passengers wait at Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport during a heavy fog on April 24, 2012. 2018-2-9 
Pakistani side has yet to make comment on the Indian allegations. 2019-11-31 
All this will create a bigger market, more capital, more products and more business opportunities for other countries, noted the president, whose country has contributed over 30 percent to global growth on average every year since the 2008 international financial crisis. 2015-12-6 
Working in the project management department, I was directly assigned to manage new-build crane projects. 2015-10-15 
Chinese ski jumpers challenging Finnish peers after 14-month training in Finland更多>>
7 percentage points, said NBS spokesman Sheng Laiyun at a press conference. 2016-9-16 
Photo taken on July 13, 2013 shows flowers presented to the victims at landslide scene in Sanxi village of Dujiangyan city, Southwest Chinas Sichuanprovince. 2018-10-1 
A statement released after the conference said though the CAAC has taken a series of measures to improve flight punctuality, it is still far from meeting the public’s expectations. 2016-2-24 
Bikker thinks the first step for Chinese companies wishing to build their brands is to start being proud of being Chinese. 2019-8-17 
The short-lived Xiaobing was dubbed as the strongest social assistant in history by Microsoft. 2017-2-21 
[Photo by Cui Meng/China Daily]. 2016-8-3 
In result, it is estimated that the application of geothermal heat pumps has reduced sulfur dioxide emissions by 8,060 tons and soot discharges by 5,040 tons. 2015-10-11 
BEIJING - Hundreds of people gathered in front of the Japanese Embassy in Beijing on Wednesday to protest Japanese governments move to purchase and nationalize the Diaoyu Islands. 2015-8-20 
  Egypt court sentences 183 Muslim Brotherhood supporters to death更多>>
The revised regulation was published by the CPC Central Committee on Wednesday to replace an old version from 2002, placing greater emphasis on the moral integrity of officials and proper selection procedures. 2017-4-14 
Military judicial authorities should disclose more details of trials of corrupt officers, provided that national secrets are not leaked, he said. 2016-6-24 
So why not bring modernity and progress to the countryside? And why not develop the rural economies and provide urban-style social services in rural areas, rather than leave the villages to their own fate? Instead of using migrants in the city as cheap labor - though providing social security to them as compensation - the country should provide social services for the elderly and the poorest of the poor who dont migrate to cities. 2015-6-5 
Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Hua Jingfeng, an official with the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), made the remarks without giving specifics, but said harsh punishments would be handed down to those who violate food and drug safety laws. 2019-7-5 
Tourisms program that accommodates Chinese tourists), said Kathy Smits, vice-president of international tourism for the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board, who graciously took the time to call China Daily during the event. 2016-11-8 
We immediately initiated a process to find and quarantine all of the product and it has been put on hold, Quin said. 2016-9-27 
[Photo by Liu Qinli/Asianewsphoto] A teacher shows children how to have a nap at a kindergarten in Bozhou, Anhui province, March 21, 2013. 2017-10-10 
The distance of team race is about 6,000 meters from Hanyangmen in Wuchang to Sanyang Square in Hankou. 2018-10-21 
Guangdong province pension insurance rules updated更多
Students prefer to pay via cellphones更多
  Chinas top coal-producing region Inner Mongolia said on Thursday that coal miners no longer need local government approval for corporate transfers or for merger and acquisition deals. The main cause is the sluggish European economy, where demand is weak and competitiveness is declining. If renminbi can be circulated in Cambodia, it will promote the development of Cambodias tourism sector, he added. The rescue will be very difficult due to the size of the affected area, said an official from the regional fire department. He also believes things like governance transparency and political stability are topics that BRICS has to improve on to continue to be a viable investment destination for global capital.
  The lifting of trade barriers and integration of Australia into the global market-place has resulted in the biggest increase in our living standards in our history. If you dont buy them, your risk-aversion capability will be affected, but if you do, then the returns wont be very good, Lou said at the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong this week. The way the attacks were carried out and the horror the perpetrators inflicted on the public was similar to the terrorist attacks in other countries, as the perpetrators were deluded by overseas terrorist organizations who incited them to action and scouted the targets multiple times ahead of the attack. Volume saw a reduction from 183 in 2014 to 159 in 2015.